Snowy Old Sturbridge Village | Massachusetts Wedding Photographers

While they hadn’t planned for snow, Jen and Don had a beautiful winter wedding at Old Sturbridge Village. It was such an honor to photograph Jen and Don’s wedding since I have known Jen since high school. Jen has always been very crafty, we when I found out that she was making the bouquets and boutonnieres, it was no surprise. They were amazing!

From the bride: We met on I had a few glasses of wine, "winked" at him (this was pre-swiping days) and the rest was history. We met within a week since he worked at Lego and I lived in nearby Enfield. Just a little lunch at Panera. He wore his crossfit t-shirt and spilled his drink all over his shoes. He fooled me into thinking he liked to talk because we talked on the phone for hours since that first meeting each night. Turns out he hates talking on the phone and never calls anyone! We went on our first official date to the Peabody Museum at Yale and shared our first kiss by dinosaurs and ancient spears - we’ve now been together since 2013.

We bought our house, had our little Aubrey all before doing the wedding thing, but it was sweeter being able to have her there with us. Don proposed on a lovely snow-filled trip to Portland, Maine. He's NOT one for pomp and circumstance. I wanted a flash mob or a public proposal. He just dropped to his knee int he hotel room after we got there and I'm not even sure he said anything because I’m pretty sure he was nervous.  We didn't tell anyone because we wanted to tell my daughter, Cadence first. Afterwards, we celebrated at Shipdog brewery with beer and homemade soda.

Wedding Planning…Don loves animals and farms and wanted a farm wedding. We found out quickly that farm weddings can be pretty expensive. So, we put it off until I saw that Old Sturbridge Village was running a special - it was fate. The setting was rustic and beautiful (and had his animals). My dress was not the dress I'd ever have thought I would have picked. Two of my closest friends made me put it on. They were so excited about it that I gave it a second thought and I fell in love with the uniqueness of the dress and let it inspire my wedding decor. The champagne colored lace dress had gold threads and light pink flowers in the design. I bargain-shopped at thrift stores for teacups and fell in love with wood flower bouquets on Etsy. I’m pretty crafty and I decided to make my own...centerpieces, bouts, bouquets and more, all DIY. I dyed them to match my vision of blush, dusty rose and champagne. As a secondary education reading teacher, books are near and dear to my heart so I made paper roses to compliment, lightly touching them with gold. Now I'm starting my own business (Wood & Word Blooms - see more here on Facebook) because I fell in love with designing with wood and book page flowers.

Most of the planning was all me...we just wanted to get to the party! The ceremony officiant was my BFF from college and former roomie freshman-senior year. We did the candy combining ceremony because we all have sweet tooths and I wanted to incorporate the kids. My brother, Cadence and Monique all read from books (to keep my reading teacher theme alive). Our daughter, Aubrey spent the ceremony in my arms, as we guessed beforehand. She only let go for M&Ms during the candy combining ceremony. I'd rather look back at the moment and laugh about it. I do joke one day when she gets married that I'm going to sit between her and her husband and eat M&Ms though (maybe just during the rehearsal lol).

Close to our wedding date, I decided to teach Don a choreographed first dance (we had 2 rehearsals the week of the wedding where I taught it to him). He cursed me the whole time and was nervous about it, but after the wedding he said it was his favorite part (take note, future grooms). I threw together the flash mob by making a video and sending it out via text...great friends and family (including Kathy from Simply K Studios) cooperated luckily. 

Thank you to David Apuzzo for photographing this wedding with me, we make a pretty awesome team :)