The Boudoir Experience | Connecticut Boudoir Photographers

For many people, boudoir can be a scary word, but trust me, it's not. Boudoir should be associated with words like: Beautiful - Confident - Goddess - Empowered

We have said it many times.  We LOVE photographing boudoir.  For me, it's more about watching our clients transform from shy to confident, all while getting an amazing product, whether it's to celebrate yourself or for your soon-to-be.  We keep our clients privacy very seriously, so we do not share many of our boudoir photos online.  We were lucky to have a recent client agree to let us share her experience and her photos with our followers.  

For those that have thought about doing a session, call, make an appointment and just do it. As I mentioned before, almost every client is nervous when they walk in the door.  Start by getting pampered by an amazing team to do your hair and makeup, then we go over all of your outfit options.  We find the right outfit to start with that will help you break out of your shell.  We will help guide you into poses that will make you look and feel like that gorgeous woman that you are.  It doesn't matter if you are a size 0 or a size 24, by the end of the session, you will feel so amazing that you will walk out of here ready to conquer the world! 

Julie recently did a session as a gift for her husband on their wedding day.  The cool part? I was photographing him during getting ready on the day of their wedding and I got to be there when he opened the album!  It was hard to keep a straight face when he started to open it, but it was awesome! Talk about shock.  Yes, there was a huge smile on his face!

Julie recently wrote about her experience as a boudoir client:

"Boudoir had never crossed my mind while I was planning my wedding until I was on Pinterest one day, just browsing through the wedding category. I saw this girl in a short veil in different poses, and thought to myself, this is such a great idea for a groom's gift. I didn't have to stress over finding a gift for him because I knew this would be the "perfect" gift. I contacted my photographer and I booked the appointment right away. I was so nervous leading up to the shoot. I bought about 5 outfits and didn't know how many I was able to fit in. I was also concerned with the poses. I'm not a model and I can't model so I'm thinking "how do I come up with poses for the entire shoot?" I started researching poses and I tried practicing them but knew I'd forget them when the day came. The day finally came! I was so excited, yet so nervous at the same time. When my makeup and hair was done, I felt beautiful and sexy. I was totally ready. We started the session and Kelly guided me through all the poses. I was so nervous because I didn't want to look angry in every photo and Kelly assured me that I didn't. Throughout the shoot, I started to feel comfortable, I wasn't nervous or shy anymore. I was having fun with the poses. I even remembered one pose I practiced. I didn't want our session to end. I was beginning to feel confident and sexy. I came back to see the pictures and they came out amazing, I couldn't believe that the girl in the picture was me! I would definitely recommend boudoir for every girl whether it's for their fiancé or just for themselves. Girls will definitely feel beautiful and confident about the way they look the next time they see themselves in the mirror. I know I did."

Here are a few favorites from her session! Seriously, how gorgeous are these!  And check out the album!

Photography Studio: Simply K Studios
Makeup & Hair: Kiss and Make Up