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Meet Kelly:

I say it all of the time, I am lucky to absolutely love what I do. I started to photograph weddings in Florida in 2001, and love the journey of growing and developing my craft. I am definitely a dreamer. I dream of photographing weddings all over the world, from Iceland to Paris, and Grand Teton to Napa Valley. It’s kind of the coolest thing about my job. Every day is different. If you asked my husband of 10 years and two beautiful children, it’s always a crazy ride, and I’m lucky to share it with them.

Other things about me:

-I love painting furniture and my house is getting full of my hobby
-I have to listen to music when I cook
-A good glass of wine is the best way to finish a day
-Someday I will live near the mountains. I used to want to be a park ranger, just so I could move to Wyoming.
-If I wasn't a photographer, my goal in life would be to become the next Joanna Gaines. I tried to convince my husband to move to Texas just so I could be on Fixer Upper.


Meet Kathy:

I love new experiences and the adventure that comes with not knowing exactly what’s around the corner, just knowing it’s going to be amazing. I’m a coffee-drinking bookworm who loves traveling and my dog. Marrying my husband and being a mom to our two sweet girls has been my best adventure yet. I fall in love with them over and over.

Someday I’m going to:

-snorkel the Great Barrier Reef;
X - adopt a dog (AHHH - just accomplished this one! Follow our insta stories to see my dappled Dachshund that we adopted from The CT Humane Society and our senior rescue Chihuahua!!);
-drive the California coast;
-go camping with my kids;
-bring my husband to see the Eiffel Tower.

I had no clue what I wanted to do with the rest of my life until I photographed my first wedding.

We're excited to announce our travel dates for 2018-2019:

Phoenix, Arizona - January 2018
Orlando, Florida - February/March 2018
Kos, Greece - June 2018
Dublin, Ireland - June 2018
Cancun, Mexico - August 2018
St. Petersburg, Florida - October 2018
Orlando, Florida - February 2019
Daytona Beach, Florida - April 2019
Lake Tahoe, NV - July 2019